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Choosing the right material for your kitchen counter top

Home renovation can both be exciting and daunting. Very often, an update to just the kitchen itself can lend a breath of fresh air to any new or old kitchen. For a quick and simple refresh, the easiest way is to change the look of a kitchen is to change the countertop.

Homeowners today have a myriad of choices when it comes to countertops. Most homeowners opt for durability and looks to match the decor of the house.

A lighter top can brighten up any kitchen for example. Whereas a darker countertop exudes sophistication.

Options range from natural classics such as marble and granite. For the cool and modern look, stainless steel is also a viable consideration. Marble is naturally cool to the touch and exudes elegance. However, marble tends to be porous and may not be up for handling the usual kitchen messes. Any spills and dampness must be taken care of almost immediately or there will be a risk of the marble top getting stained or leaving a permanent water mark. It requires heavy maintenance and care from users.

Granite on the other hand is non porous and can handle heat very well. The downside however is the limitation in the colour options available.

The appeal of stainless steel is non porosity and good heat tolerance. Maintenance however is also high due to the tendency for scratches to occur and also the propensity to retain finger print marks.

On trend for a few years now is the engineered quartz counter top. Quartz is a non-porous, strong and naturally occurring stone, which by itself occurs in clusters. Engineered quartz is man-made with naturally occurring quartz mixed with resin. Engineered quartz is gaining popularity as it's reputation for durability and reliability is unrivaled. Easy maintenance and a wide range of colours makes material suitable for every kitchen. The range of colours mimic those or colours and even marble. These are easily matched with nearly any choice of back-splash including stainless steel, glass or tiles.

For a wide range of countertops, please contact us at 6255 1455

Stones Selection carries our in-house brand of engineered quartz, S Quartz to suit every kitchen. Visit us and let us show you what we can do to spruce up your kitchen.

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