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How to choose the right natural stone for your home design

Updated: Apr 18

Many homeowners welcome the inclusion of natural stones in their homes if given the choice. Some may hesitate thinking about the high costs involved. It may not be so and well worth speaking to a stone specialist to explore the options available.

When it comes to natural stones, many immediately think of marble and granite. There is actually a wider range of natural stones in the market.

Natural stones can be used for homes as feature walls, countertops, wall cladding or flooring. The possibilities are endless.


The beauty and versatility of marble have been discussed here (put link) previously.


Granite is a strong and durable stone. It is resistant to heat and moisture making it suitable for many areas of homes. These include countertops, feature walls and even flooring. The colours of granite can be alluring and suitable for many styles and deco. Colours range from cool to warm to striking tones of black.


Travertine for one is a type of limestone available in earthy shades of cream and brown. Its texture makes for interesting contrast in the home. It's natural void spaces can add contrast to wall cladding for example or as a feature wall. The beauty of travertine is that these natural voids can also be sealed to give a smoother texture according to homeowners wishes.


To add immense sophistication and style, onyx is a good choice for a backsplash or feature wall. If backlit, the translucent glow of onyx with its intricate veining will impress guests and please homeowners alike.


Quartz is a naturally occurring stone that is known for its hardness and durability. Pure quartz can be brittle and difficult to use due to this fact. However, in the market, many types of engineered quartz are available to homeowners at a reasonable cost. These stones come in a wide range of colours, some even mimicking the tone and texture of concrete, marble and even granite. It is little wonder that this has been the popular choice of many homeowners.

Speak to a marble specialist today to find out the natural stones that are suitable for your home. You will be surprised that many stone materials can even be mixed and matched to yield outstanding balance and unique results.

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