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Marble Feature Wall – Must have for all homes!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

New homeowners sometimes wonder what is a feature wall and why should we have one in our house?

The answer is simple. A feature wall is an important part of a house. It draws the occupants' and visitors' attention to the details and character of the house. Having a stand out feature wall is often attractive and elegant, lending the house elegance and warmth. These walls can be in any part of the house such as the living or dining room; perhaps just the wall where the main entrance to the house is.

Feature walls can come in many forms. Some homeowners clad their walls in wallpaper, wood or glass whereas others might pick a bright, bold colour to convey the style of their house.

Each design has its pros and cons, wallpaper for example may not be suitable the weather of Singapore. Even the best quality wallpaper may not withstand the test of time.

Many homeowners today consider marble feature wall in Singapore to be the ideal option available because marble matches with any decor. Marble is a versatile material that can be used from tabletops, to flooring and of course for the cladding of any wall.

Natural veining provides style and design of timeless appeal. Made to last, a marble feature wall is a sure and simple way to welcome nature into your house!

In land-scarce Singapore today, houses are getting more compact. Space comes with a premium. Clever design and planning can make an impact on the overall feel for residences. A marble feature wall, in soothing shades of white, cream and lighter grey, will brighten any room and exude the feeling of spaciousness. Lighter shades of marble also bring to mind the cool and calm feeling, much needed in Singapore where our hectic days are often warm and humid.

Examples of light coloured marble include Volakas marble for a cosy and elegant home feel with a touch of luxury and elegance.

Maintenance of marble feature walls is next to zero. Marble-clad walls can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. There are endless possibilities of marble wall design, from laser etched lines and patterns to options of hanging decorative effects, display shelves, television sets and even audio equipment. Each wall can be fully customised to the homeowner's exact needs. Make your house your home!

Available on the market is a wide array of marble to suit any budget and design requirement. Homeowners are spoilt for choice ranging from classic selection of carrara or statuario marble to the stylish trend of using different coloured marble in a single feature wall.

With professional installation, your home's unique marble feature walls will provide aesthetically pleasing enjoyment for years to come for occupants and visitors alike. Speak to our marble specialists today for expert advice, quality marble and technical know-how today!

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