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Quartz Vs Granite Countertop – All you need to know!

Astute homeowners are aware that a quick and simple refresh of the home begins with the kitchen. One of the easiest ways to breathe new life in a kitchen is simply changing the countertop.

Whether your home is in need of a major kitchen overhaul or a quick refresh, look no further.

A brand new countertop lends immediate shine and overall freshness to any home. To install a new countertop requires less than half a day's labour by trained contractors.

The dilemma sets in when it comes to the choice of material to use.

Many man-made options are available such as solid surface tops. However many homeowners would be very heartened to learn that many natural stone options are also available at comparable costs.

Many homeowners who appreciate natural stones would very likely be considering between marble or quartz.

Marble countertops


Marble is a beautiful natural stone.

Wide range of colours and veining to suit any home decor.


Adds a classic touch to any home.

Naturally smooth and cool surface is suitable for the budding home baking. Makes a great surface for working doughs, fondants and other baking goodies.

Beautiful, adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.


High maintenance.

Marble's porosity means that much care is required when in use, especially when in the kitchen, handling acidic foods and the juices of citrus fruits. Contact with acidic food must be minimal. Liquids such as soft drinks, coffee or tea when spilled must be cleaned the soonest possible to prevent staining.

It is worth noting that marble countertops should be kept clean and dry.

Sealing and polishing of the counter top is recommended.

Marble, when compared to other stones such as granite or quartz, is considered soft. Special handling of sharp objects such as graters and knives will be required to prevent scratches.

Granite countertops


Very strong stone. Suitable for use in kitchens where heavy-duty cooking takes place. Resistant to knocks and accidental scratches.

Non-porous, not likely to be stained by spilled drinks or develop watermarks.

Heat resistant


Limited choice of colours. Some homeowners may consider the graining of granite "too busy".

How to narrow down the choice?

It boils down to the users depending on the type of cooking that homeowners anticipate such as Asian or Western cooking or whether more baking would be involved than cooking.

Also, the general decor of the house as well as a suitable match for a certain backsplash that homeowners might desire. It is important to note that sealing, polishing, and repairs can be made by a stone specialist to keep your natural stone countertop in tip-top condition.

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