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Common myth about natural stones

Natural stone is one of the most popular materials for home renovations. It can be used for countertops, showers, floors, patios, backsplashes, and more, with plenty of benefits you can enjoy for decades. If you’re planning to install new countertops or flooring in your home, make sure you don’t fall for these common myths about natural stone when choosing a material.

Natural stones are only for the rich

The popularity of granite countertops in high-end homes has led to the misconception that all types of natural stone are pricey. In reality, most types of stone are affordable for just about any home renovation budget. In fact, the price is often comparable to manmade materials.

Natural stones are hard to maintain

Simple preventative measures can keep natural stone looking as good as new. You can keep your stone looking its best by sealing it regularly, cleaning it daily using a stone-safe granite cleaner, polishing it often, and wiping up spills as quickly as you can.

Natural stones are for old school designs

Natural stone has been used in construction and design for thousands of years, and it’s not going anywhere. While some finishes and colors may go in and out of style, stone itself is a timeless material that will always be in demand.

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