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Renovation tips for all new home owners

Home renovation can be very daunting to first-time homeowners. There are a lot of important decisions to make before you start your renovation in your first home. While it may be overwhelming to keep track of all of these issues, neglecting to do so can end up costing you thousands of dollars.


First, you’ll need to determine what it is you really need versus what you simply want. Next, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to finance the renovation in the first place. Once you have a general idea of how much money you have to spend on renovations (and where that money is coming from), you should be able to make better decisions on finishes, appliances and other renovation features.

Finding a reliable designer

The right contractor can be tough to find. With so many agencies in the country, you’ll exert a lot of effort in searching for the perfect contractor for your home renovation.

Don’t stress yourself! All it takes is a little research on your part. To find a reliable home renovation contractor, set some standards for yourself. Truly seek an agency that can provide your needs with capable expertise.

Going for the lowest bid

The cheapest offering out there may not be the best bet. Always, try to request for a detailed quote and breakdown of your renovation cost. Understanding the different variety of materials and also different brands helps a lot in your selection. Doing research on them as well as asking for reviews will also help to firm up your decision.

Making too much changes

From the start before the renovation starts, you will need to have an idea on the concept and ideas you would want to follow for your perfect dream home. Making changes will renovation is in works will not only be cost ineffective (rework cost) but most importantly may delay the completion time. Be decisive and follow through the renovation process

Come up with a realistic timeline

Always start your renovation with a proper realistic timeline – working one out with your contractor will not only ensure timely completion but also remove anxiety when hiccups occurs. Renovation process is never simple and hiccups are bound to occur, keeping this in mind, always cater sufficient buffer time if such instances do occur.

Getting measurements right

Once you know what size couches, tables, and sconces you need, write them down and carry that list with you always. You never know when the perfect item will jump into your path. Don’t fall in love with a 94-inch sofa when you can only fit an 84

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